Our team

IDLC at AIU is proud of having a proactive team. There are more than 30 members. All our team members are committed to demonstrate their statement fulfilling all the assigned tasks by the administration of the center.

Room distribution table (Rooms D 108, D 107, D 106)




Assist.Prof. Zhyldyzbek Zhakshylykov


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Head of department

Elnura Usupova


Amina Dzhakupova





# Аты Жөнү Илимий даражасы CV Диплом Сүрөт
1 Ainuru  Zholchieva  Assoc. Prof. Link KG Link
2 Alymzhan Zakirov Assoc. Prof.      
3 Asylbai Ibraev Prof. Dr.      Link
4 Atai Almaz uulu Lecturer Link Russia Link
5 Cholpon Alieva Prof. Dr. Link Russia Link
6 Elnura Usupova Lecturer     Link
7 Dinara Bobusheva Assoc. Prof. Link   Link
8 Ibrahim Hasgur Prof. Dr.     Link
9 Ilyaz Myrzakulov Senior Lecturer     Link
10 Imtiyaz Gulbarga Master of Science     Link
11 Indira Musaeva Assoc. Prof. Link KG Link
12 Kadyrbek Sultakeev Assoc. Prof.      
13 Larisa Alimpieva Assoc. Prof.     Link
14 Malik Borbugulov Assist. Prof. Link KG


15 Noorjahan Gulbarga Lecturer      
16 Nurdin Kaparov Assist. Prof.   India Link
17 Roza Akmatova Senior Lecturer     Link
18 Sanzharbek Erdolatov Assoc. Prof. Link KG Link
19 Talant Asan uulu Assoc. Prof.     Link
20 Turdukan Bekimbetova Senior Lecturer     Link
21 Ulan Nurkasymov Lecturer   KG Link
22 Ulanbek Ashirov Senior Lecturer Link USA Link
23 Ulanbek Moldakmatov Assoc. Prof.      
24 Uulbubu Kutmanova Lecturer Link KG  
25 Yakup Doganay Assoc. Prof. Link KZ Link