Admission process

Important DateEnrollment Period starts on July 20, 2020 and ends on October 1, 2020


Dear applicant, please follow this step by step enrollment procedure in order to make your admission process easy:

1. Surf on the website and get preliminary information about our programsvision and mission, team, tuition fees, FAQ, contacts etc.

2. Do your pre-registration through this link or you can directly write an email to DLC@IAAU.EDU.KG or MARKETING@IAAU.EDU.KG

3. The responsible person of the center contacts you and consults about the further steps (program selection, tuition fee etc.)

4. If you decide to apply for any program you have selected, you have to send to us

Bachelor: notarized copy of the high school diploma; passport copy; application letter; e-photo 3x4 size; and State Examination Result (entrance exam result for foreigners)

Master: notarized copy of university diploma and transcript; copy of passport; application letter; and e-photo 3x4 size.

Submit your documents into this folder in one single zip file. Don't forget writing your name surname as the file name.

5. The university prepares a bilateral agreement (master, bachelor) and sends to you for your approval and signature

6. You transfer the tuition fee for the upcoming semester to the following bank account of the university

7. At this stage, you are enrolled to the courses of the active semester, you are given an access to the university's systems, your supervisor contacts you for further orientation activities


This is the list of undergraduate and graduate programs of the international distance learning center (IDLC):

1. Accounting, Analysis, and Audit (undergraduate, graduate)

2. Finance and Credit (undergraduate, graduate)

3. International Economy and Business (undergraduate, graduate)

4. Management (undergraduate, graduate)

5. Pedagogy (undergraduate, graduate)


Note: Due to the global situation regarding Covid-19, it is currently difficult to obtain documents in many places. If you apply in time and certain documents are missing, you may resubmit these later.