Thesis Work

Dear students!

In this webpage, you can find the procedures (to be developed) of thesis work step by step. 

1. Selection of thesis work title and thesis proposal submission (mid of the 3rd semester for masters, end of the 8th semester for bachelors)

2. Selection of thesis advisor (4th semester for masters, 9th semester for bachelors)

3. Completion of a literature review and method selection part (Planning and Start)

4. Data collection (Pedagogical Experiment, Observation, or Survey, etc.)

5. Statistical data analysis

6. Results, conclusions, discussions, recommendations

7. Write an article or thesis work or report

Also, the following links give you a list of thesis topics, students, and these advisors: Master in PedagogyMaster in ManagementBachelor in Management.


A guide for the diploma work preparation in four languages (Kyrgyz, Russian, English, Turkish)