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June 11, 2021

Hello there!

Since you received this document, you are probably someone who is into entrepreneurship and supporting women founders. We are reaching out to people and influencers in the ecosystem to help us in spreading the message among their network!

  • publishing dates from 1st June 2021 – To 15th july 2021
  • the female round starts on 16th June 2021 – To 17th july 2021

Services offered for women entrepreneurs by FasterCapital

We are offering discounted services for women entrepreneurs joining us! In addition to: 

  • Technical support and development. Software development. 

  • Sales and marketing support

  • Matching with mentors

  • Starting a business from scratch

  • Matching with angels, VCs, and other funding sources

  • Entering new markets

Publishing Activities

You can share the news with your network through many different ways. Please feel free to do as many as you can the following activities:

  1. Posting about it on your social media and adding the link and tagging FasterCapital in your post.

  2.  Sharing this post / tagging potentially interested people in the comments

  1. Sharing the word with people in your network through private messages

  2. Sharing the page through the social media sharing bar

  1. Share the news on your mailing list/website/social media. 

  2. Share with news and digital websites in your network. 

Texts you can use for posts/mailing list announcments/and other kinds of publishing:(You can fine-tune these texts in ways that fir your audience/network)

  • Unleash your entrepreneurial skills and start your own #business!

If you are a #woman starting/growing a business, #FasterCapital will be glad to help you out!

Read more about it:

  • A new cohort of startups dedicated for #women #founders!

Because women are a very wide un-tapped innovative community, #FasterCapital is launching a women-supporting initiative offering many services and help in raising #capital.

Read more about it:

  • Supporting women in business is a global concern! 

FasterCapital is working with women founders on their entrepreneurial journeys.

If you are a woman entrepreneurs or a female team member in a startup check out

  • Succeed as a woman entrepreneur!

If you are a woman founder facing difficulties in finding the right technical support, raising capital, growing into new markets, FasterCapital will be glad to help.

Read more:

  • Join the Women Entrepreneurs club!

FasterCapital is supporting women in starting and establishing their own businesses in the MENA, US, Europe and worldwide.

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For more information or for any questions, please reach out to