Startup opportunity

July 11, 2020

FasterCapital is happy to announce its collaboration with Ala-Too International University SAB Center (Support Alumni Business) an incubator in Kyrgyzstan.
On our behalf, we would like to thank  Zhyldyzbek a Lecturer, Assistant Professor at Ala-Too International University for his efforts in this partnership. The two incubators hope to help more new innovative startups of different industries worldwide. "This partnership could address the gaps between the entrepreneurs and their continuous search of the right technical co founder that can build their products. FasterCapital becomes the technical co-founder and will invest 50% of the raised capital in exchange for equity. We hope the spirit of collaboration and cooperation that was so evident here, will continue and lead to concrete actions that will make more entrepreneurs achieve their dreams around the worldwide ecosystem." commented Mr. Hesham Zreik from FasterCapital. To this cooperation, Mr. Zhyldyzbek added "We appreciate this launch of cooperation. We trust that this initiation will be sustainable and give its fruits both to FasterCapital and SAB Center. We have been already organizing startup contests for three years. But, we have been facing a challenge in terms of investment. Now, I am optimistic so that FasterCapital will be an opportunity for our students to make real their dreams."