What is Distance Education?

What is distance education?

It is the education system not depending on time and place, implemented by coming together of student and teacher in virtual courses interactively and under control where presentations, communication, research and whole education is conducted by means of internet and using modern technologies. Being in system not important where or how far you are. The most important is to be connected to the system by means of internet and receive the education.
Distance education is executed on the platform named Education Administration system. After the registration all the students are allowed to enter the system by entering the password.
By means of Education Administration system the following activities are conducted:
1. Supplying the lesson content to students.
2. Messaging between student and faculty members.
3. Arranging online midterm exams.
4. Arranging home work and projects.
5. Downloading files.
6. Participating in virtual course.
7. Access to lesson archives.
8. Access to reports and other documents.

Are lecture notes given ready?

Every lecture consists special contents prepared by Ala-Too International University. This contents are students notes. Mentioned lecture contents are supported by animations for better understanding of students. Students can prepare for lessons reading these contents any time they want.

What is virtual course ?

All the lectures are given to students on certain days and in the evenings. The virtual courses are the same as face to face education. The faculty member teaches turning on the camera on his computer rousingly. Virtual courses has the following characteristics:
1. Teacher explains the lesson rousingly
2. Student can ask a question any time he wants. Faculty member immediately answers to student questions
3. Student is able to ask the question turning on the camera and answer the question of faculty member
4. Faculty member publishes the slides using the presentation tool of the virtual course.
5. Faculty member can use the black board in case of necessity.
6. The faculty member is able to share the application on his computer with students.
7. Every lecture will be registered so that student can review mentioned lectures many times.

How is arranged the distance education nowadays?

Distance education implementation forms differ depending on used technologies. Distance education is conducted simultaneously and nonsynchronously by means of opportunities supplied by modern technologies. Generally used both of education types.
- Simultaneous distance education:
This is the interactive education that is conducted on certain times been planned before, using technologies supplying simultaneous communication. The authorized specialists make appropriate arrangements on planning the time of virtual course, teachers and students who will take a part in courses. Students and teachers come together in virtual courses and make their lessons simultaneously. In virtual courses students are taught by teachers seeing and hearing them. While mentioned courses faculty members share with students different kinds of appropriate presentation files. The cameras of students are connected according to certain plan to the technological infrastructure what provides participating in courses having visual and audial intercommunication.
- Nonsynchronously distance education:
This is the activity that doesn’t depend on time and provides participating in forums of the system, online exams, downloading home works, projects, sending and receiving messages and learning the course contents 7 days/ 24 hours. During this education student and faculty member can use distance education material on any planned time

Why distance eduaction?

* Doesn’t depend on time and place.
* Supplies equal opportunities.
* The education is determined according to students necessity.
* Virtually meeting of teacher and student located on different places.
* Student arranges the preparation program himself.
* Comparative with Formal education distance education costs less.
* Thank for training materials prepared by means of modern technologies, education becomes more
interesting and effective.

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